R e : m e m b r a n c e f r o m 1 2 T h i n g s

T A M A P L A Z A T O K Y U S C 2 0 0 3 C A L E N D A R

As if Knitting Time into the Future.

Into the Snow-Whiteness Revealed.

Ripple from a the Flick of String, Cosmic Place in the Bud.

Criss-Cross in Map Drawn on Earth.

Fresh Leaf Shirt and the Blue Sky.

Citrus Fruits discovered en Route.

A Clearness so Fragile, so Fair.

Travelling by Land, the setting Sun Blurring as if a Mirage.

Seasons Bringing about a Rhythm.

Late for an appointment, in Chocolate Town.

Feeling the Letter from North Coming.

Deep Green telling an Eternal Story.